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Consultancy on raw material

Consultancy on optimal choice of raw materials and manufacturers

The main criteria for raw materials selection are the requirements for the operational and technological properties. Selecting the materials we take into consideration their characteristics (e.g., stability) and limitations of use. We also provide recommendations on the application and processing methods. Manufactures are often forced to use raw materials of high quality due to its high cost, we provide our customer various options of raw materials and producers.

Organizing and conducting negotiations with producers of raw materials

Our company has successful experience in negotiating with manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials, through which our customers receive the most favorable conditions of supply.

Selection of special additives

Today, polymer materials production is one of the fastest growing industries offering product manufacturers a lot of innovation in the field of raw materials to significantly improve the appearance and quality of the finished product, to give the product more useful properties, to reduce losses in production, to optimize manufacturing processes and recycling etc.

Taking into consideration the nature of your product we will help you choose the additives:

  • processing additives
  • pigment additives
  • additives giving the desired properties