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VII Russian Congress of Plastics Converters - 2014, Moscow

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01.04.2014 05:00


Leading industry professionals, academics and business leaders, and public organizations made presentations about the current state of the industry, technology trends, as well as the role of plastics processing industry in the development of the national economy and the growth of industrial production.

конгресс переработчиков пластмасс

Some presentations became particularly relevant against potentially unfavourable macroeconomic conditions for Russia.
At the end of 2-day work of the Congress participants developed final resolution, which aims to identify existing problems and to point out the ways to solve them.

kongress2 Company MOLECOR supported by Expert Engineering presented a report on the successful experiences of other countries in using the unique technology of molecular oriented PVC pipes for pressure water systems, the benefits of such pipes in comparison with conventional PVC pipe and HDPE and the possibility of a substantial decrease in raw material cost compared to traditional systems of HDPE and PVC.


The participants of the Congress were highly interested in the report and decided to take steps for development this direction.