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техническая поддержка производства

In today's competitive market conditions companies must obtain efficient solutions and engineering support to optimize their production.

"Expert Engineering" provides the following complex solutions:

1. Development of technical documentation which includes.

  • process regulations
  • technical data sheets (technological flow charts)
  • process instructions
  • consumption rates of raw materials
  • bill of Materials

The final variant of technical documentation is developed for a specific task according to the customer's requirements. It also possible to make electronic versions of existing documents of your company.

2. Scheduling preventive maintenance and preventative maintenance, taking into consideration customer’s needs and requirements of the equipment.

3. Certification of production staff

  • development of qualification requirements for the production staff in the light of specific features of your company
  • development of proficiency tests using modern information technologies (e.g., emulation of process modes)
  • certification of staff, analysis of the results and providing recommendations for additional staff training

4. Technical auditing of production processes

Technical audit of production is carried out in order to obtain independent assessment of the situation, to identify "bottlenecks" and hidden reserves.

Audit will propose a complex of administrative and technical measures aimed at improving the production efficiency.

5. Process optimization

Technological process should provide high performance, high product yield, the lowest possible consumption of raw materials and energy, low-waste production, efficiency of machine loading, high quality products.

Expert Engineering specialists will analyze every production situation, determine constraining factors of the process and state possible changes.

Possible constraining factors:

  • conditions of the technological process
  • quality and assortment of raw materials
  • accuracy of measurement of input and output variables

Taking into account our experience we will provide advice on the hidden reserves of equipment, adjustment of technological regimes, offer options in composition and properties of raw materials, assess the feasibility of process automation.

6. Adaptation Equipment Manuals according to customer's requirements

It is often a case that technical documentation supplied with the equipment provides diversified information containing redundant and unstructured data. It is very important to fix emerging equipment malfunction quickly that cannot be done using standard manufacturer's documentation. Moreover 90% of such documents are written in the language of the manufacturer.

We revise technical documentation for your equipment, distinguish information that is used regularly by your technical services, translate it into needed language and present it in a structured form.

Revised documentation will be presented in a convenient format for working both in print and electronic form.

 As an additional option, we can complete the electronic version with "Search and Navigation" which makes the work with documentation easier and faster.

  • content of equipment and production capacity
  • level of automation and mechanization
  • level of equipment loading
  • qualification of production staff
  • condition of equipment, level of service
  • downtime and analysis of its causes
  • raw materials supply
  • timing of working time
  • number and cause of defect products