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Technical Support of Contracts

Preparation of the technical part of the contract

Experience shows that a number of important factors are often not considered when signing a contract for equipment supply. This further leads to time delays and cost increase. Such factors may include, for example, warranty conditions, functional compliance of equipment, procedures of acceptance of equipment, commissioning and training.

Experts Expert Engineering, based on extensive experience, will prepare the technical part of your contract for the supply of equipment, taking into account all relevant factors.

Evaluation of the technical part of the contract for the supply, warranty and technical maintenance.

In case you have already held preliminary negotiations with the supplier and came to the stage of signing the contract, we are ready to evaluate the technical part of your contract and, based on our experience, make the appropriate changes and additions.

Expediting the production of supplied equipment

On the basis of the contract with the manufacturer of the equipment, our staff will prepare time schedules and agree upon the schedule of equipment production with you and the equipment supplier, considering all stages of production and availability of parts produced by subsuppliers. At later stages, we will carry out the expediting of your contract, which means we inform you about the availability of parts, delays and their causes (e.g., subsupplier delay, delay in providing additional data by technical staff, delay because of technical changes of equipment introduced in the course of work, etc.).

We believe expediting quickly respond to emerging causes of late delivery, as well as discipline both manufacturer and your employees – on whom the schedule of the project depend on. The outcome of the present work will be the fulfillment of a contract for the supply of equipment on schedule.