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Installation and commissioning works control

Time between signing the contract for the supply of production equipment and release (output) of the finished product is a critical factor in the success of any investment project, as any delay in start-up lead to the failure to deliver products and as a consequence to the loss of customers and market share. To minimize this factor specialists of Expert Engineering developed a comprehensive approach to control the process of acceptance, installation and commissioning of equipment, which includes the following steps:

  • preparation and approval of a to do list of all work to prepare the premises for installation of main and auxiliary equipment, arrangement of main and auxiliary equipment, connection of equipment, testing and start up - all work is registered in detailed work load plans and time schedule considering the necessary time and human resources
  • Checklists Preparation - each checklist is made individually for each milestone specified in the time schedule and contains a limited set of operations of each stage with space for marks "completed" and possible comments. Each checklist is agreed with the supplier
  • preparation of checklists for testing operating modes of equipment during acceptance
  • maintenance checklists - during the preparatory work, installation, commissioning and acceptance of equipment specialists of Expert Engineering take control on what is done, achieved operating conditions and process characteristics

The aim of this work is to make you 100% sure that:

a) all necessary work, the required human and time resources are taken into account.

b) the amount of preparatory, installation and commissioning work meets the requirements of the equipment supplier performing installation, commissioning and start-up of the equipment and its acceptance.

c) Your production and auxiliary equipment complies with manufacturer's specifications.